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Sound Billing

A comprehensive and innovative billing service

Sound Billing partners with small and large clients to make the billing process smooth and efficient. Leave the hassle of invoicing to us so you can focus on using your time running your business more efficiently.

Sound Billing’s comprehensive billing services provide:

  • Customized invoices branded with your logos
  • Paper or e-delivery of statements to your customers
  • Credit check vetting for any potential new customers
  • Dedicated customer service team to assist your customers with invoice, statement, or payment issues
  • Past Due follow-up process to ensure payments are received
  • Online access to view all your receivable data
  • Online access for your customers to view and pay invoices
  • Electronic payments directly into your account

Sound Management

The premier marketing program proven to grow your sales

What if you could add the assistance of a nationally acclaimed sales team committed to growing your business?

With Sound Management’s proven “Acquire, Nurture, Grow” sales management process, we provide you another tool to effortlessly grow your business.

Sound Management takes a three-pronged approach to increasing your sales:


  • Internal sales team to cold call businesses in your area
  • Our expert staff will train your employees to identify new leads and prospects
  • Direct marketing to new accounts


  • Enhance relationships with existing accounts
  • Categorize and prioritize top accounts to increase profitability
  • Manage inactive accounts to re-energize them


  • Expand opportunity by selling additional goods and services
  • Market specials and promotions
  • Mine sales data to identify trends

SB Financial

An innovative financial product that pays you up front for your invoices

Receiving payment on time from your customers is never easy. You need to fund payroll, invest in inventory, and keep the business running. Cash is king and cash flow makes that happen. How can you speed up cash flow without upsetting your customers?

SB Financial’s factoring services can help. We take the risk out of collecting from your customers. We pay you up front for your invoices shortly after service and take the collection risk off your hands. You receive scheduled payments for your invoices, and the worry of collecting payment from your customers is removed.

SB Financial provides:

  • Cash up front for your invoices
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved cash flow
  • A more predictable revenue stream
  • A partner that values your customers and your business