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FullSpeed Auto Franchisees:

How do I know all my invoices are at MyFleetCenter?

The best way to confirm that all your invoices are in the MyFleetCenter system is to generate a report from your store’s point of sale system and compare it to the Invoice Summary Report found on


How do I know how much I will get paid?

When MyFleetCenter generates payments each week or month, we also generate a Payment Reconciliation Report, which provides details on every invoice you are paid for as well as every invoice that fees are charged to. You can download this report from your account on our website at All Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Oil Change shops are on a weekly payment cycle and these reports will be available by the end of the day on Wednesday.


When will the money be in my bank?

Weekly payment reports are generated on Saturday with ACH deposit to your bank the following Friday. If Friday is a banking holiday, the deposit will be made on Thursday.


How do I print reports?

You can print reports by logging on to your account at, then going to the Reports tab and selecting the appropriate type of report.


What do I do if a fleet customer sends payment to my shop?

If a fleet customer sends a payment to your shop, please mail the check to MyFleetCenter, PO Box 620130, Middleton, WI 53562.

If you prefer to cash the check at the store, please email a copy of the check and the remit or stub to The MyFleetCenter team will mark the invoice Paid Direct and remove it from the customer’s account.

In either case, we will contact the customer and advise them to send future payments directly to MyFleetCenter.


What does MyFleetCenter do if a customer disputes an invoice?

When MyFleetCenter receives a dispute from a customer, we first review the invoice to understand the customer’s concern. If the dispute involves an unauthorized service, we advise the store owner of the dispute and ask how they would like it resolved. We then follow up with the customer, following the store owner’s direction.

If MyFleetCenter receives approval to remove the disputed amount from the invoice, we make an adjustment to the invoice and advise the fleet customer that the balance has been decreased. If the store owner does not approve, we will contact the customer, advise them of the store owner’s stance on the issue and continue to seek payment in full.


What does MyFleetCenter do if a customer says a service is for a vehicle they do not own?

MyFleetCenter will research the VIN to determine if the vehicle has been billed under any other fleet account in our system. If we determine the vehicle belongs to another fleet account, we will transfer the invoice to the correct account and advise the customer that they have a new invoice due. If we cannot determine what fleet the vehicle belongs to, we notify the store owner, advise them of the NTV (Not Their Vehicle) status and adjust the invoice off the fleet customer’s account. If the store is able to identify the correct MyFleetCenter account the NTV invoice belongs to, they should contact MyFleetCenter at or 888-999-9497 with the correct fleet account number so we can rebill it.


What do I do if I accidentally billed an invoice to the wrong fleet?

Contact MyFleetCenter with the correct information as to where the invoice should be billed. We will transfer the invoice to the correct account if we have a billed account for that fleet and advise the customer of the new invoice.


How do invoices get to MyFleetCenter and what happens next?

MyfleetCenter receives invoices two ways: From your in-store Point of Sale system and from Auto Integrate. Your Point of Sale system (ISI or Sage) sends us the invoice immediately upon completion of the service. That invoice is associated with the appropriate fleet customer and billed to their account at the end of the month. Many fleet customers are set up with the option to receive new invoices daily or weekly, in which case an automated email is sent the next day with a copy of the invoice attached.

If invoices are billed through Auto Integrate, MyFleetCenter receives a data feed from Auto Integrate and loads them overnight. We bill the Fleet Management Company per their requested cycle, which is daily, weekly or monthly.

In all cases, once an invoice comes in to MyFleetCenter, it is billed to the fleet company on the statement at the end of that month. Statements are emailed, faxed or mailed by the 5th of each month with payment due to MyFleetCenter by the end of the month.


How do I find out my username and password?

Contact MyFleetCenter at or 888-999-9497. We’re happy to email you a link to reset your password.

What do I do if I have a customer who wants to open a fleet account?

If you have a new fleet customer that you would like to sign up with MyFleetCenter for billing, you can direct them to our convenient online fleet application, found at

Upon submission of the completed application, our Team will process it, check credit history and references and, upon approval, contact the new fleet directly with Welcome Information.

When is MyFleetCenter’s Customer Service Team available to assist me if I have questions?

Our dedicated team is available to assist you Monday-Friday 8 AM – 6 PM CST. You may contact us by email ( or by phone, toll free at 888-999-9497.  MyFleetCenter customer service is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

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